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10 months ago
5 things you must do to be happy in 2018

Making New Year’s resolutions of weight loss, eating healthy, saving money, learning a new hobby are all fine. But while you look for ways for self-improvement this year, don’t forget to focus on your mental well being.  Put your mental health first this new year, suggests Dr Petra Müller, Psychopath Analyst at Atmantan Wellness Centre.

1. Make ‘work-life balance’ happen

It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate your job, you MUST try to have a work-life balance. Only you can manage to take the time out for yourself occasionally. Strive to devote a few hours or even minutes of the day to do something you love.

2. Embrace nature

This might sound like a joke to those living in living concrete jungles. But even a daily walk in a park will do you good. Research shows that when you surround yourself in some greenery (however little it is), it tends to relax and de-stress you.

3. Accept that you are different from others

Does your friend earn more than you? Does she appear to have a happier love life than yours? There is no end to the comparison. If you were to analyse every aspect yourself in comparison to others, you will never be happy. Period.

4. It is okay to surrender

Is your relationship not working out? Did you not get the job you really wanted? Sometimes, it’s better to surrender to what the situation is than to try to make something happen forcefully. People often mistake this for defeat or failure. But in reality, surrendering is so much more than that. It lays the way for better opportunities and times. Sometimes changing something may not give you success or joy no matter how hard you try. Surrendering yourself to what seems like an unfavourable situation may give you a new outlook towards life. Try taking up a job in a hitherto unexplored field. Had a heartbreak? Don’t deny the possibility of finding love again, through a different medium, perhaps.

5. Be kind to yourself

When you face failure, criticism, hardships and challenges, most of us tend to blame ourselves, look down upon ourselves and consider ourselves as losers. Showing compassion to yourself will go a long way in making you feel confident, loved and ready for the next challenges. Self-deprecating thoughts achieve nothing but negativity that can impact all your future actions. You owe yourself opportunities to do better. Be patient.

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