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10 months ago
5 things that made me fall in love with cooking

I love trying out different dishes and cuisines but do not quite like cooking as much. When I was staying in a shared apartment, I made excuses not to cook by blaming it on my shared kitchen situation. And when I finally moved into my own kitchen after marriage, I blamed it on my kitchen being too small. That way, I am really good at coming up with excuses.  But today, I actually enjoy cooking. Here’s how I started loving cooking and you can do it too.

1. Set aside a time for grocery shopping each week
I do not enjoy grocery shopping at all. I hate stepping into the grocery store mostly because it is so crowded all the time and it is downright boring. So every Sunday evening I set aside some time to plan out and buy some food for the week. I save the bulk of grocery shopping for a specific time so I have a routine.

2. Make the kitchen mess-free and accessible
I hate mess so to get myself going in the kitchen; one day I set out everything in the kitchen on the floor and assessed what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away. Anything I felt I won’t use (sorry rice cooker), I donated so I could make space for anything I felt I would use often (the non-stick pans). Eat home-cooked foods to live longer. 

3. Ensure your fridge has enough food
I have realized that when I have plenty of food stacked in the fridge, I do not order from outside. It is partly because I have already spent a lot of the foods stalked in the fridge and partly because I want to eat healthily. I always ensure that I have some foods handy — rice, eggs, vegetables, wheat flour, herbs and chicken.

4. Be realistic
Since I am not a fan of cooking, I do not make large, elaborate meals. The days I did think of cooking a five-course meal, I ended up doing nothing at all. I plan on easy; satisfying meals that I can quickly prepare no matter what time I get back home from work.

5. Set the mood
If you are not a fan of cooking, the best way to get to the kitchen is to put on some music and pour a glass of wine. When I head to the kitchen, I put on my favourite playlist on my phone so that I am in my happy space. Music makes the cooking experience better. Here are 50 common mistakes Indians make while cooking healthy food. 

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