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11 months ago
5 new sexual experiences you must try

Sticking to routine when it comes to sex can make your intimate life extremely boring, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. We’ve rounded up five new sexual experiences that you must try to give your sex life that much-needed jolt.


Sex on an exercise ball

If you have a gym ball at home, here’s how you can put it to good use. Try out the girl-on-top position on the ball, where your man sits on it and you straddle him. The extra bounce that the ball provides will mean deeper thrusts, and you don’t even have to do too much work in the process.

Only giving or receiving sex

Love is a two-way street, but sex can definitely be a one-way street once in a while. Instead of giving each other pleasure, focus only on your partner and how you can make him feel good. Next time it will be your turn to receive all the attention.

Sex after abstaining

Not having sex for a few days can really build up the anticipation and excitement. The challenge here is to keep from giving in to temptation, so that when you do have sex it will be the most amazing thing you’ve experienced together.

Pen down erotica together
One doesn’t have to be an accomplished writer and you don’t have to write a full-length novel. With this activity, you and your partner can indulge in some sexy smut and maybe write down your individual fantasies.

Use feather ticklers on each other
Introduce props and toys in your relationship. Start off with a feather tickler and use it on each other to heighten all your senses. Use it during foreplay and on the more sensitive parts of your bodies. The soft, light strokes will definitely get you both turned on and raring to go.

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