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11 months ago
5 easy ways to soothe teeth sensitivity

Oral health is a window to a person’s overall health and well-being and amongst that teeth sensitivity is one of the main problems that can range from slight discomfort to severe pain — so make sure you are taking care of it properly. Ajay Kakar, a Periodontist, shares some simple tips to ease teeth sensitivity:

  • The quickest and easiest way would be to switch to a specialised toothpaste formulated to take care of sensitive teeth.
  • Change your brushing habits. If you’re not using a soft toothbrush and if you’re scrubbing your teeth vigorously, you might worsen the condition. Hard brushing can wear away the enamel, increasing the sensitivity in your teeth.
  • Keep a check on acidic food and drinks as they might wear down the teeth enamel. Limit the consumption of these foods and drinks, and try to brush about 20 minutes after eating them (not earlier, or the brushing may hurt your enamel further). Did you know what triggers sensitivity in teeth?
  • Teeth whitening treatments or alcohol-based mouthwash can make things even worse, so steer clear of them.
  • In case your problem continues even after these changes then you must visit your dentist.

Tarun Kumar Giroti, BDS, MDS – Conservative Dentist and Endodontist also shares tips to tackle this oral condition.

  • Individuals with gastric activity problems or gastric reflux should be treated with appropriate antacids as acid reflux leads to demineralization action resulting in dental enamel erosion. Read here do you need to visit a dentist if you have sensitive teeth
  • People who have parafunctional habits such as teeth clenching or bruxism are advised to wear a night guard.

Source: IANS

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