5 Women Share the Most TMI Things Their Friends Have Told Them About Their Sex Lives

Nothing beats hoovering sipping a glass of wine with your besties and swapping sexy tales. It's the perfect opportunity to humblebrag about your BF's bedroom skills, compare notes about certain moves, and gain clarity about any weird sh*t that goes down. But sometimes there's a moment when you get more X-rated details than you bargained for.

Here, five women share the things they'll never forget about their friends' sex lives (but really, really want to):

tmi friends oversharing sex lives
1/5 Alyssa Zolna

"When my BFF told me that she was going to text her guy a few nudes from the road during her next work trip, I casually told her to keep me posted—as in, share a few vague anecdotes about how he reacted. Her idea of keeping me posted involved sending me the snapshots for my opinion on which ones she should send him. We're talking full-frontal and close-ups. I haven't even seen myself that naked." —Alison K.

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tmi friends oversharing sex lives
2/5 Alyssa Zolna

"In college, my friend was in one of those good-guy-bad-sex relationships. One night over drinks, she let it slip that the only way she could have an orgasm was by shutting off all the lights and pretending she was doing it with his super hot roommate. And if his roommate happened to be in the other room, she never made it past foreplay before getting off. To this day, when I bump into her ex (or his ex-roommate) I feel so awkward." —Amanda W.

tmi friends oversharing sex lives
3/5 Alyssa Zolna

"My ex-roommate had this obsession with peeing mid-orgasm because it heightens the intensity or something. To each their own, but I became so neurotic about our laundry co-mingling that I had to move out." —Emily A.

tmi friends oversharing sex lives
4/5 Alyssa Zolna

"My boyfriend and I were going through a sexual drought, and I made the mistake of asking one of my friends—who'd gone through something similar—what she and her beau did to get their sex life back on track. Turns out, they have a secret practice of sneaking in quickies whenever they visit family or friends. It was something that started randomly in a friend's bathroom, and the thrill of getting caught helped them get their spark back. Since they stayed at my place the previous weekend, I went home and disinfected everything." —Mia T.

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tmi friends oversharing sex lives
5/5 Alyssa Zolna

"I have this one friend who's so open about her sex life that I'm basically immune to it now. Well, except for when she goes into detail about the random things her gyno finds lodged in her vagina during checkups. She's obsessed with using food during foreplay (grapes, cherries, candy) so it's like a vending machine up there." —Char R.

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