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5 Unhygienic Practices At Restaurants. You Want To Read This.

There are several reasons that take us to our fav restaurants. To celebrate our success, for a date with a beloved, to spend time with our family, or simply to indulge in our favorite foods. And when it comes to ordering food, we all have our own choices and preferences depending on taste and cuisine. But most of us never think about the quality of the food served at these restaurants and the risks that come with it. Some restaurants may be compromising on the quality of ingredients or could have lower hygiene standards than others. So exercising caution, and knowing the pros and cons of what you are ordering is a good idea. While the majority of eateries out there are good with their hygiene and quality, some continue to do a shoddy job. Here’s a list of  5 foods that you should be careful about ordering at any restaurant. 

1. Bar Snacks

There may be a higher chance of your ordering bar snacks like nuts and other items when enjoying a drink or two at a local bar. Chances are what you have been served has been touched by many people before it landed on your plate. Some bars do not give a fresh serving of bar snacks to every customer. Moreover, when left uneaten, these snacks may be put back into a container to be used the next day. Sounds very unhygienic to us! 

Some bars do not give a fresh serving of bar snacks.

2. Off-Seafood Seafood

We don’t expect fresh and red tomatoes in January but order sea-food the entire year. Off-season seafood is preserved in cold containers with various chemicals to protect it from damaging, which is not good for health to some extent. Patronise restaurants that prefer their meats and veggies fresh and ‘local’.

sea food
Off-season seafood is preserved in cold containers.

3. Daily Special

Many restaurants have a daily special on their menu, which sounds very well, except some restaurants may be pushing leftover veggies and sauces through this concept. You may want to order the ‘special’ with an extra bit of caution. 
Many restaurants have a daily special on their menu​.

4. Fresh Juices

You may go for fresh juices in the restaurant thinking it as a better choice than packaged juices. But are you sure that the juice is, in fact, freshly squeezed? The answer may be NO which means the juice may have been taken out a few hours ago, and how do you tell that the juicer is properly washed every time? Order it only if its a restaurant you trust. 
You may go for fresh juices in the restaurant.

5. Drinks With Ice

Are you ordering your drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with ice cubes? Many bars and restaurant or coffee shops, end up serving you dirty ice cubes as the employees fail to wash their hands leading to bacteria formation. Often, the ice trays may not be frequently washed, and the constant change in temperature may increase bacterial growth. 
Are you ordering your drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with ice cubes?

Like we said, not all restaurants indulge in unscruplous practices like these. But with the growing culture of eating and dining out in India, there are just so many new restaurants and eateries out there that its best to exercise some caution. Make a mental note of all these points for the next time you plan an evening out. 

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