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11 months ago
5 Things I Learned After Working Out in the Cold for a Week

Between the weight room and New York City’s various group workout classes, it’s safe to say that right around this time of year you can find me sweating it out inside one fitness establishment or another at least five times a week. But the truth is I don’t enjoy indoor workouts nearly as much as the feeling that comes with training out in the elements. That’s where fitness is truly utilized, after all–out there in the world.

That said, winters in New York City can be brutal. So when the mercury drops, I go inside–like a rational human being.

But when a coworker recently challenged me to train exclusively outdoors in the cold for a week, “to see what would happen,” curiosity got the better of me and I decided to accept. What would happen? Probably nothing, right? But hey, comfort zones are boring anyway, and rational will only get you so far in the excitement department. Besides, what did I have to lose–a couple of post-workout group photos for my Instagram feed?

Well, as it turns out, a couple of things actually did happen. And by the end of the week I emerged from the experience better for it. Here’s what I learned.

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