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5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

You might be leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body but what about your sexual life? There are several exercises you can do and food you can eat to improve the health of your penis. These foods and nutrients will have a positive effect on the penile performance. However, if you are planning to have a baby, the first thing you should check is the health of your sperm.

The sperm count, its motility and volume have a direct connection to your chances of having a baby. The sperms, tiny male reproductive cells, are necessary to make baby along with the egg. These cells carry half of the genetic information your child will receive. So, it is very important to keep your sperms healthy to create a healthy baby.

5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

# Eggs

Eggs are considered a great option to increase sperm count, as well as improve their motility. High in vitamin E and full of protein, eating eggs protect sperm cells from the free radicals that can decrease your count. These nutrients assist in the production of strong and healthy sperm, which is important to fertility.

5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

# Bananas

Bananas are full of vitamin A, B1 and C, which help your body produce healthier sperm, as well as increase your sperm productivity. This tropical fruit also contains a rare enzyme called Bromelain. This is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme which also boosts sperm count and motility.

5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

# Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is often associated with lust filled rendezvous. Strawberries dipped in chocolate next to a glass of champagne on a bedside table greet many a guest during their honeymoon. What you probably didn't know is dark chocolate is great for your sperm count as well. It contains an amino acid called L-Arginine HCL known to increase semen volume and sperm count. It has also been rumored to increase orgasm intensity.

5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

# Walnuts

Walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids that help boost sperm volume and production by increasing blood flow to the testicles. It is also full of arginine, known to increase semen volume. It contains twice as much antioxidants than another nuts, helping you fight toxins in your blood stream.

5 Super Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count

# Garlic

Garlic is known around the world as a food good for boosting immunity. Among its many properties are vitamin B6 and selenium, both of which play roles in healthy sperm production. Taken by many for its blood cleansing abilities, garlic prevents buildup in arteries and allows for better blood flow to your testicles.

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