5 Juicy Questions for Hugh Jackman

1. You're in great shape. Have any indulgences?
Coffee, chocolate, red wine. . .in the list of vices they're probably pretty minor, but I do like to indulge. Right now, since I'm doing another Wolverine movie, they're food-related, like I want a bowl of cereal.

2. A woman looks hottest wearing what?
I'm a big fan of summer clothing. . .like when you've been to the beach all day and you come back and go out at night. To me, that's sexy.

3. The secret to a successful relationship is. . .
You just have to make it a priority. And you have to make that choice early on.

4. What makes someone marriage material?
It's a completely gut feeling. It was beyond my writing down a list of qualities, but there's no doubt that loyalty, trust, generosity, and sense of humor help.

5. How does fatherhood change a man?
In massive ways. Being a parent makes you live in the present. My family taught me to enjoy everything. There's not a wasted moment.

Rapid Fire
Hidden talent? Juggling.
Go-to drink order? Negroni.
Blonde, brunette, or redhead? Blonde.
Heels or sneakers? Bare feet.
Best love advice? Happy wife, happy life.

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