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5 Genius Tips for Buying a Car

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Do This First: Download an Auto-Search App

The most important tip for buying a car: Don't even think about walking into a dealership without doing research. The app has an easy-to-use browse function, buyer reviews, video, and a calculator that figures the cost to buy.

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Expert Advice: Negotiating

Male car buyers are offered lower prices than women are, according to a study. How to close a deal? Don't negotiate in person. Instead, after you've seen the car, begin bargaining over e-mail. So you don't succumb to any face-to-face "buy now" pressure, says Meghan Busse, Ph.D., an associate professor at Northwestern University, walk away if the salesperson is stubborn—the tactic usually works.

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Trading in Your Ride

Counterintuitive but true: You'll score more dough if you sell your current car on your own and then apply the money to a new car, says Carroll Lachnit, features editor at Also helpful? Spruce the puppy up. Clean it and replace wiper blades.

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Credit Hurtin'?

You can still get a loan, says Kristin Varela, a senior editor at But you’ll have a higher interest rate (4.04 percent is typical for average credit; 9.88 percent for bad credit) and have to fork over a larger down payment. 

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Quick Tip!

If you're financing, experts advise at least 20 percent down to nab a lower interest rate.

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