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5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

Headache! — The word itself is enough to annoy us, right? You either experience it frequently or are quite lucky to get affected by it in once in a full moon, but one thing is pretty clear that you can’t escape it. Then what is the most effective natural remedy? How to get relief from intolerable headaches without depending on painkillers or other commercial drugs? Well, aromatherapy is your answer. With so many excellent essential oils available in the market, you will never be out of solution for your chronic headache problems. Let’s discuss more:

5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

* Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Extracted from the plants called Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata, this essential oil is enriched with the anti-inflammatory oxide 1,8-Cineole. It works as an expectorant that detoxifies the body and opens nasal airways to reduce sinus pressure and the headaches associated with it. These eventually help in treating edema, cold & cough, runny nose, sore throat, anxiety, etc. At the same time, eucalyptus essential oil also gives our mood a boost by ensuring emotional stability.

5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

* Lavender Essential Oil

Being rich in esters or linalyl acetate, lavender essential oil holds excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, analgesic, and sedative properties. It works directly on our limbic system and alleviates stress, anxiety disorders, muscle tension, depression, restlessness, insomnia, and certain neurological conditions. This is helpful in keeping migraine and nighttime headaches at bay.

5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

* Peppermint Essential Oil

The high percentage of menthol makes peppermint essential oil an amazing reliever of pain and headaches. It slows down muscle contraction and stimulates blood circulation throughout the forehead and temple areas while inducing long-lasting cooling and calming effects. As a result, we get rid of tension headaches and feel relaxed.

5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

* Rosemary Essential Oil

When it comes to the most widely used essential oil in folk medicine, rosemary surely tops the list. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulating agent that can keep triggers like stress, upset stomach, emotional turmoil, etc. away, thereby reducing the occurrence of headaches to a large extent. Rosemary essential oil also improves blood flow, sleeping patterns and personal orientation.

5 Essential Oils To Treat Headaches

* Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

The anti-inflammatory and sedative properties of Roman chamomile essential oil are quite similar to those of lavender essential as it also contains esters or isobutyl angelate. It is mostly used as a therapy for evening or nighttime headaches and plays a key role in soothing our muscles and nerves.

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