5 Easy to Follow Tips to Beat Pre-Wedding Stress

5 Easy to Follow Tips to Beat Pre-Wedding Stress

One of the most endearing moments in a woman’s life is her wedding day –it is the time where everyone gathers together, family and friends to celebrate the love and the new chapter of a girl’s life. Sure, the wedding day is the time of happiness and pure love but, stress – it is always there.

Having a good quality sleep can be difficult to achieve because of pre-wedding jitters, anxiety, and nervousness – so how can you get away with these pre-wedding stress?

Simple – Get a ton of sleep or you might call it “a beauty rest”.

In this article, let’s tackle the importance of slumbering and discover how to get you to wake up like sleeping beauty on your wedding day.

Why is quality sleep important for the bride-to-be?

Let’s make one thing clear – as a bride-to-be, you probably experience sleepless night and stressful days as the day of your wedding gets closer. There are the wedding plans, making a decision on what wedding dress to wear, inviting a guest, designing wedding invitations, and so on. To prepare yourself with all those jitters and stress, you need a beauty rest. No one wants to see a bride walking down the aisle with bleary-eyes and groggy face!

To prepare yourself with all those jitters and stress, you need a beauty rest

Tips on how to get quality sleep

1. Minimize electrics and screen time

Tweeting or Instagramming your wedding details could only put you on stress during the night. So, if you’re planning to check on your social media or binge-watching Netflix shows in the evening – we suggest you to not to do that. It is probably the worst thing to do before bed.

This is because our smartphones, TVs, computers, laptops, or tablets emits blue light that can hinder the production of our “go-to-sleep” hormone in our brain called melatonin. Instead, practice relaxation and meditation techniques (more on that later).

Smartphones, laptops, or tablets emits blue light that can hinder the production of our “go-to-sleep” hormone

2. Go easy on caffeine

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch your morning coffee altogether. According to several sleep medicine experts, it is better to avoid caffeine for about 4-5 hours before sleeping as it can cause sleeping troubles. This is because coffee, like other beverages that contain caffeine, can stay in our system for hours.

Remember, caffeine can just amplify your wedding jitter and might make it hard for you to sleep.

3. Try relaxation techniques before going to bed

Learning different ways to relax and calm yourself is the key to achieve a good sleep-wake cycle. You can try sipping a cup of warm herbal tea before bed, practising different breathing exercises or even better, focusing and looking forward to the positive future after your wedding day – or simply, the honeymoon.

Try relaxation techniques before going to bed

4. Have a hot bath

The simplest and the most effective way to ready yourself to bed is to put on some relaxing music, reading a book, and enjoying a hot bath. This will help your body relax because it warms up your body temperature, gradually decreasing it to help you prepare for sleep.

5. Create your bedtime routine

No, it doesn’t mean you have to listen to bedtime stories. Creating a bedtime routine is the key to encourage those ZZZs. If you find yourself turning and tossing at night for like more than 20 minutes, try to get out of your bed and go to another room. You can also read books to calm yourself and until you feel sleepy.

Additionally, slumbering into a quality and comfortable bed mattress could also be an ideal way to slumber yourself and wake up stress-free.

Here’s another tip; try not to look at the clock (I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true) because this will only stress you out determining how many hours are left until you wake up for your wedding day.

Pre-wedding stress is inevitable. The good thing is, there are several ways to fight it off and achieve a good sleep or beauty rest, from practising relaxation techniques, avoiding alcohol and/or caffeine to minimizing screen time.Most importantly, remember to enjoy every moment because it will all be over before you know it.

This article is being authored by a regular blogger and writer Christopher Austin. He loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He also works for https://sleepmentor.net/ offering best mattresses and unbiased sleep products. He keeps sharing his ideas and latest trends in interior designing through his articles.
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