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1 year ago
5 Days, 6 Powerhouse Female Senators!

Right now, there are more women serving in the U.S. Senate than ever before. And in honor of National Women’s Health Week, Women's Health reached out to six of them—all of them powerhouses who are using their political smarts and clout to advocate for your health.

They’ve each written a passionate blog on a health issue that’s critical to women today:

  • The staggering problem of sex crimes on campus, by Senator Claire McCaskill
  • The scary truth about genetically-engineered fish, by Senator Lisa Murkowski
  • The importance of birth-control access, by Senator Patty Murray
  • The startling rise in diabetes, by Senator Susan Collins
  • The need for expanded breast and cervical cancer screening, by Senators Tammy Baldwin and Barbara Mikulski

Check back here each day, starting Monday, May 12, to find out the need-to-know on these issues, how these superstar senators are fighting for you, and what you can do to make a difference.


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