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9 months ago
4 Reasons to Pick the Swimming Pool For Your Next Workout Locale

Winter workouts got you down? Bored of the treadmill? Need a change? Why not add a splash of chlorine into your routine? Swimming is not just for Olympians and the old-folk set at your gym. It's an amazing strength and conditioning workout for anyone. Well, knowing how to swim helps. Or tread water at the very least (sources say moderate to vigorous intensity treading burns between 200-600 calories an hour!). If you can execute a basic crawl (or freestyle, as the pros call it), you are ready to hit the pool for a total-body training session.

Of course there is one tiny, insignificant detail we have to deal with head on: the swimsuit. It's the only equipment you need (besides goggles and a cap, if you are so inclined). I can't think of a single regular person who is psyched to yank themselves into some spandex-blend one-piece and parade around on a pool deck. But here's the deal: don't let temporary vanity stand in the way of longer-term wellness. Unless you are training for a photo shoot, just get in your kit and hop in the water. And if you are still dragging your flippers, let's talk about the benefits of swimming to help you over the hump.

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