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10 months ago
4 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage Better

4 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage Better

No one wants to be stuck in an unhappy marriage. We’re intrinsically motivated to work on having a better relationship, but it turns out, there are plenty of other reasons to get, and stay married too.

Being in a happy, committed relationship can make you healthier, it makes you wealthier, and it can even prolong your life! But it isn’t likely to do those things if you’re unhappy with your partner.

Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do right now to make your marriage better. Here are just a few.

Make a bedroom goal

Partners who report high satisfaction in the bedroom also report being happier in their marriage. That doesn’t necessarily mean doing the deed every single day. Every relationship is different, but a few goals can go a long way.

Make a goal for intimacy in the bedroom that works best for your marriage, then take the necessary steps to make the goal a reality. That might mean speaking with your doctor about a prescription medication that can help, or buying candles to set the mood.

Make a bedroom goal

Take more time to connect

It isn’t all about the time you spend in the bedroom. True intimacy isn’t just found between the sheets. It’s found in the little everyday things you do to connect with your partner.

Taking more time to connect can be very simple:

  • Hold hands when you go for a walk
  • Sit next to each other on the couch
  • Offer to give a shoulder or foot rub
  • Look your partner in the eyes at least once a day

Do something new

Routines are comfortable and familiar, but they can quickly zap the excitement from any relationship. Recapture the dopamine boost from the beginning of your relationship by seeking novel experiences together.

The key is to do something you’ve never done before together as a couple. That might mean taking a vacation, but it doesn’t have to be something quite so grand.

A novel experience might be trying out a new restaurant or taking a class to learn a new skill. Make a plan to do something novel with your partner once a week and your relationship will become even stronger.

Do something new

Tell your partner why

It is important to tell your partner that you love them, but after a while, it can lose its meaning. Especially if you’re saying it to each other while passing in the hallway before work.

Make your declaration more meaningful by getting specific and telling your partner why you love them. That shows your loved one that you truly appreciate the things they do.

It benefits you too. By telling your partner the things you appreciate about them, they’re more likely to engage in the same behaviors in the future!

It’s true that every good marriage requires work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! With these quick and easy tips, you can give your relationship a boost overnight.

Susan Melony is a freelance writer, consultant, and blogger based in Kansas City. With her writing, she aims to help other entrepreneurs find success in both their business and personal lives.
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