30 Photos of Highlighted Hair You’ll Absolutely DYE For


When you think of highlights, your mind probably conjures up an image of those chunky Skunk-like stripes you used to sport when you were in high school. But this hair color technique has come a long, long way since then. Ready to dye your strands? To help you in your quest to find the perfect hair hue, we scoured Instagram for the most gorgeous photos of highlights we could find.

2/31 Instagram

These low-maintenance highlights give dirty blonde hair a lived-in look.

3/31 Instagram

These all-over highlights are all kinds of gaw-geous.

4/31 Instagram

Light brown hair gets major depth with these soft blonde highlights.

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One term you’re gonna want to know before you hit up your colorist: balyage. It’s a French word meaning to sweep or paint. Stylists literally hand-paint your hair (that means no foil) for a natural, sun-kissed look. This is a great example of this technique. 

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This version of balyage, done on coppery hair, is called sombre—a.k.a subtle (or soft) ombre. 

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We have major #ShineEnvy staring at these highlights, don’t you?

8/31 Instagram

These highlights bring out the gold tones in brown hair—perfect for fall.

9/31 Instagram

This is just the right amount of blonde to lighten up sandy hair. 

10/31 Instagram

Blonde balyage like this gives brown hair a sun-kissed look. 

11/31 Instagram

Hello, red! Now this is a bold look.

12/31 Instagram

These blonde highlights are just so pretty. 

13/31 Instagram

More balyage—this time on an edgy bob.

14/31 Instagram

We’re loving these warm golden highlights.

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If you’ve got really dark brown hair, balyage is a more natural-looking way to lighten up your strands than foil highlights. Just keep in mind that you may need multiple sessions to achieve the level of blonde you want. 

16/31 Instagram

These just might be the most perfect blonde highlights we’ve ever seen. 

17/31 Instagram

Such a nice combo of brown, red, and blonde—this look reminds of us fall leaves!

18/31 Instagram

With balyage, hair is left darker at the scalp, which is what gives hair that sun-kissed vibe. It also makes growing out your highlights so much easier. 

19/31 Instagram

Who else is ready to go blonde now?!

20/31 Instagram

Who says your highlights have to be blonde? These purple ones, inspired by the violet flower, are amazing. 

21/31 Instagram

Here’s a little more rainbow hair inspiration to brighten your day. 

22/31 Instagram

And here are more blonde highlights that will make you want to call up your stylist, like, right now. 

23/31 Instagram

Who says you have to go darker for fall and winter?

24/31 Instagram

Purple highlights: So. Much. Yes. 

25/31 Instagram

And peek-a-boo pink and lavender highlights are pretty freakin’ sweet, too. 

26/31 Instagram

Yup, gray hair is totally on-trend right now. 

27/31 Instagram

We’re drooling over these various shades of purple highlights.

28/31 Instagram

Rich chocolate-y brown + deep wine red = such a good color combo. 

29/31 Instagram

Peach-colored hair and blonde highlights is another match made in color heaven.

30/31 Instagram

These highlights are so subtle, we can barely tell they’re there. 

31/31 Instagram

Seriously, have you called your stylist yet?

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