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11 months ago
3 reasons you should eat ghee in winters

When winters strike we think of including fresh, warm foods in the diet and avoid foods that can lead to cough and cold. And ghee is one such food that we then to stay away from, especially during winters. However, eating ghee during winters has its health benefits. Neha Shetty, Technical head (nutrition), REDUCE, Talwalkar’s shares how eating one tablespoon of ghee every day can help you stay warm and healthy in winters. Here are few reasons why experts recommend eating it every day!

#1. It gives you healthy skin: Winters are the time of the season that causes dry skin due to lack of moisture and humidity. The dry weather not only removes moistures from the skin but also increases the risk of itchy skin. As most of us fail to stay hydrated because of the cold weather, there are high chances that the moisture content in the body decreases. Hence, adding ghee to your diet not only provides the essential fats needed for the skin growth and maintenance but also retains moisture providing you with a healthy, glowing skin in winters. Also read reasons ghee is good for your beauty.

#2. It helps you to maintain weight: Believe it or not, we tend to eat a lot of processed and oily foods during winters. However, replacing the junk and oil-laden food with a tablespoon of ghee can do more good than harm. Unlike popular belief, adding ghee to your diet not only helps you lose weight but also provides you healthy fats required for the growth and development of the body. Hence, this winter make sure you add ghee to your food without fail. Here’s more on how ghee can help you lose weight.

#3. It provides you warmth: When winter comes, we think of ways to keep ourselves warm with scarves, gloves, fireplaces and obviously soups. But did you know eating ghee every day provides warmth to the body and keep you warm from inside? This is because of the fat content in the ghee. Hence, adding ghee in diet during winters is not a bad idea as most people might think of!


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