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3 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress in the Fall

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Floating down the street in a breezy maxi dress is one of my favorite ways to feel feminine in the summer heat. Yet this summer staple can have a lovely life well into fall—if you layer it right.

The first trick is to think of your maxi dress as a long skirt and look for layers you would normally pair with a skirt, or wear over a skirt and top. The second is to rely on boots, tights, or leggings to keep you cozy as the temperature drops.

Though the fabric of a summer maxi dress may be light, you can layer both over and under to make it magically versatile all pumpkin-latte season long. Here are three ways to style it, thanks to inspiration from some fabulous style bloggers.

By Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society


2/7 Courtesy of Because Shanna Said So
1. With a Vest

While Shanna of Because Shanna Said So looks super summery with this khaki vest and sandals, I can picture this dress with a fur vest or a cargo jacket and boots. By keeping the top layer open yet belted in place, you get a slimming silhouette from that sliver of paisley print. Plus, the belt helps define your waist even amid bulky top layers.

3/7 Courtesy of Because Shanna Said So

Wearing black and white is also a great way to make summer clothes feel appropriate year-round. The color palette is always chic, always in season. Plus, black accessories are a great anchor to keep you feeling grounded in winter.

4/7 Courtesy of Center Street Chic
2. With an Oxford

Whether you opt for chambray, gingham, or another button-down stolen from your guy’s closet, Pualei of Center Street Chic demonstrates the perfect way to pull off the oxford shirt and maxi dress combo. Start by tucking the back of the shirt underneath itself so you don’t get bunching in the back. Then tie it at the front where your natural waist is. Too high and you risk an unflattering empire waist look; too low and you’ll hide your curves.


5/7 Courtesy of Center Street Chic

The accent of the necklace here is also a great touch. It creates that natural flattering “V” shape we get from cleavage even when we’re wearing something more buttoned up.

6/7 Courtesy of Gvozdishe
3. With a Sweater

As the temperatures really start to drop, a sweater (as seen on Lidia of Gvozdishe) is the perfect way to make this feminine silhouette feel cozy. The key here is to choose a slim cut sweater, even if it is in a chunkier knit as seen here, so that the shape doesn’t swallow you or add too much bulk. And of course, belting it at your waist is the secret to showing off your shape.

7/7 Courtesy of Gvozdishe

With a sweater this chunky, her dark brown belt with a double buckle is the perfect balance. A super skinny belt could have gotten lost and a wide belt might have looked too severe. This medium width is so perfect I’ve added this item to my wish list for sure!

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