3 Essential Facts About the Male Orgasm

Yes, talking about how to "please your man" can be seen as a bit retrograde, out of context. But that's not what we're talking about here. If what you're looking for is an equal partnership with your main squeeze, then that should refer to orgasms as well. And guys today do a lot of work into making sure that you're leaving a sex romp with a big, fat smile plastered on your face. So why not return the favor and give as good as you get? Here, three facts to ensure that he has a bigger and better finale, every time. Call it coital karma.

Fact: The main trigger point for ejaculation is the frenulum—the area under the head of the penis, which houses the most nerve endings, says Paul Nelson, a certified sexuality educator.

Use It: Swipe your tongue back and forth over the frenulum, says sexologist Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D., author of The New Sex Bible. Alternate this motion with slowly, sensually sucking the penis head.

Fact: When he ejaculates, he feels six to 10 strong PC muscle contractions and a pumping sensation in his prostate.

Use It: Press your fingers just behind his testicles, on his perineum, says O'Reilly. It's a pleasure spot.

Fact: Orgasm begins in the brain; ejaculation is a spinal cord reflex. For some men, the orgasm hits before the first ejaculation contraction. For others, the reverse is true.

Use It: Help him get there: Rhythmically tense your pelvic-floor muscles to put pressure on the base of his shaft, says O'Reilly.

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