20 Celebs With The Freshest Hairstyles

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Some women repeatedly order the same haircut like they would their favorite meal at a restaurant. But switching up your hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to contemporize your look. "January is when women come in for something beyond their regular trim," says Matt Fugate, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City. "They're looking for a new spin on what they have or something totally different." To whet your appetite for change, we've pulled together a menu of hot celebrity-inspired cuts. Dig in!

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Jennifer Lawrence: The Long Crop
3/21 ,
Charlize Theron: The Long Crop
4/21 ,
Evan Rachel Wood: The Long Crop
5/21 ,
Elsa Pataky: The Long Crop
6/21 ,
Ciara: The Mid-Length Sweep
7/21 ,
Julianne Hough: The Mid-Length Sweep
8/21 ,
Camilla Belle: The Mid-Length Sweep
9/21 ,
Kelly Ripa: The Mid-Length Sweep
10/21 ,
Hanna Simone: Chunky Bangs
11/21 ,
Emma Stone: Chunky Bangs
12/21 ,
Shenae Grimes: Chunky Bangs
13/21 ,
Taylor Swift: Chunky Bangs
14/21 ,
Kate Hudson: Loosely Layered
15/21 ,
Jessica Biel: Loosely Layered
16/21 ,
Scarlette Johansson: Loosely Layered
17/21 ,
Penélope Cruz: Loosely Layered
18/21 ,
Jessica Alba: The Lob (a.k.a The Long Bob)
19/21 ,
Ali Larter: The Lob
20/21 ,
Kerry Washington: The Lob
21/21 ,
Rose Bryne: The Lob
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