17 Things You Shouldn't Ever Say to a Pregnant Lady

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The 40 weeks of pregnancy are an amazing journey, but some people—even well-intentioned ones—can say things that upset, scare or just downright annoy moms-to-be. Before you put your foot in your mouth and make a preggo lady cry, take a look at these 17 things you should never say to someone who’s expecting.

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“You must be having a girl. You’re so wide.”

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“Get your sleep now because you definitely won’t be getting it when the baby comes.”

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“It’s just your hormones…”

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The word episiotomy. (If you don’t know what it means, you don’t want to, trust us. All we’ll say is that it involves cutting areas that you never want to think about being cut.)

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“Are you sure your due date is right? You look like you’re going to pop.”

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“Oh, really? You like that name?”

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“How much weight have you gained?”

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Anything about your horrific labor and delivery (or others you’ve heard about).

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“You look like you’re having twins!”

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“Your hair looks so thick and shiny. It’s all going to fall out after the baby is born, though.”

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Anything about the size of the epidural needle.

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“You’re going to get so much bigger and more uncomfortable.”

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“Was this planned? Are you sure you’re ready?”

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“Your sex life will cease to exist.”

16/18 ,

The words “stretch marks.” In any capacity.

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Comments about the amount of food mom-to-be is eating. Not appreciated!

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"Can I touch your belly?" Unless you're a doctor, this is frowned upon.

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