15 facts about organ donation in India that you should know

Organ donation is one of the biggest concerns in India. So many people die waiting to be saved by organ transplantation, BUT unfortunately, the difference between the number of organs donated and the number of people waiting for a transplant is getting bigger every day leading to more and more deaths. Organ donation is a process wherein organs are retrieved or procured from a donee’s body legally while they are alive or dead. It is done by the person’s consent when they are alive or in case the person is dead with the approval their closed family members. Every donation makes a difference and can reduce the mortality rate in the country and can help overcome the dearth of organs for donation. Here are a few facts and success cases that you should know about organ donation:

1. Organs MUST be transplanted as soon as possible following the donor’s death and doctors’ evaluation, testing and documentation is essential.

2. According to the petition drafted by BLK Super Specialty Hospital urging the government to strengthen provisions to encourage organ donations in the country, two lakh patients need dialysis and transplants every year. Sadly, only about 10,000 patients are able to get dialysis and only about 6,000 patients receive a transplant.

3. Can a person donate blood after organ donation? You cannot donate blood if you have just donated an organ because a person under immunosuppression isn’t healthy enough to donate blood.

4. Can only a brain-dead person donate organs? Apart from brain-dead people, a person who has died of cardiac arrest can. Their organs will die very soon after the heart stops beating, however, corneas and tissues such as bones, skin, veins, blood stem cells, blood and ligaments, platelets, heart valves, tendons, cartilage can be donated.

5. Tamil Nadu has seen 3519 organ transplantations in 7 years and in Tamil Nadu itself a one of its kind ‘transplant-athon’ 5 brain-dead in 36 hours gave life to 23 people.

6. The youngest organ donor in our country is a fourteen months old baby boy from Gujrat. He donated his heart and kidneys and gave life to two people.

7. Many Bollywood celebrities that have pledged to donate their organs. Aishwarya has pledged to donate her eyes. Other celebrities like Baba Ramdev, Priyanka Chopra, Rajnikanth, Rishi Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Amitabh Bachchan, and others have pledged to donate her organs too.

8. In the year 2016, a mother underwent a partial liver transplant to save her son’s life and are both happy and healthy now.

9. Aaradhya, a 3.5yr old baby is the youngest heart recipient, till date. She was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy.

10. Around 60% of eye donations go to waste in India because of not being stored in the eye bank on time. More than 2.5 lakh blind people in India could regain eyesight that way since then the number of eye donation has increased but the eyes are going to a waste.

11. Talking about age and organ donation, recently a 78-year-old a donated both his kidneys to a 50-year-old patient  who was on dialysis from 6 years.

12. In a unique case in India, a 45-year-old man was provided with a new lease of life by conducting a rare combined transplant of liver and kidney. A combination of a live donor’s liver and deceased donor kidney was transplanted.

13. In another case of a unique transplant, a 20-month-old girl received a new lease of life after a complex organ transplant surgery wherein both a live-donor liver and kidney transplant took place simultaneously.

14. Sadly skin donation is not a popular concept in our country even when more than 7 million people in India suffer from burns or injuries every year and need skin. Click to know everything about skin donation.

15. Conversion rate which means the rate at which organs are donated or collected from bodies, is very low in our country. M.C. Mishra, director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences said that it is less than 10%.

Go ahead and pledge to donate your organs and save someone’s life, would you?





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