12 Unconventional Ways to Have the Best Orgasm of Your Life

This article was written by Eyal Matsliah and repurposed with permission from YourTango.

Many women have issues experiencing deep, meaningful orgasms—and some don't orgasm at all. However, reaching orgasm or deepening your orgasms is something you can and should do by yourself. This is what female freedom and empowerment is about.

Here are some tips to give you stronger, deeper, much longer orgasms:

1. Masturbate daily. 

Before you expect to have orgasmic sex with another person, learn how to touch, pleasure, and love yourself. The benefits of masturbation include pleasure, deeper orgasms, independence, and empowerment.

2. Focus on internal stimulation.

Masturbation is just the beginning. It's important to bring awareness and love into your body, and internal stimulation is the key. Use a non-vibrating dildo or your fingers.

3. Go beyond the clitoris. 

A clitoral orgasm isn't bad, it's just a bit less pleasurable compared to an internal orgasm. Enjoy stimulation of your clitoris, but learn to internalize the pleasure and turn it into a whole-body orgasm.

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4. Try doing deep belly breathing. 

Most people breathe into their chest instead of their belly. Deep belly breath brings more air into your lungs, more energy into your body, and more awareness to your lady business. Play with various speeds of breath and breathing only through the mouth.

5. Make continuous sounds. 

Making sounds opens the throat, relaxes the jaw, and helps you breathe deeper and longer. Making sounds actually creates pleasure, even if you feel that you're just "faking" it. Experiment with different kinds of sounds: sensual, innocent, or wild.

"Masturbation is just the beginning."

6. Tune into your hip movements. 

Learning to move your hips in various ways will create sexual arousal, pleasure, and (hopefully) an orgasm. It also increases your pleasure during sex. Experiment with back-and-forth, side-to-side, circling, shaking, and bouncing your hips. 

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7. Try edging.

The idea is that by stimulating yourself and stopping right before an orgasm, you will experience an orgasmic state rather than an orgasmic peak. You might experience a deeper orgasm than you've ever had.

8. Practice doing Kegel exercises.

This is great for vaginal health and experiencing stronger orgasms. It's also a valuable exercise before and after giving birth. Make sure you completely relax those muscles. 

9. Learn to appreciate all the sensations.

See every moment or expression of pleasure — heat, tingling, pulsation, sensation, goosebumps—as a mini orgasm, an orgasmic expression, and learn to appreciate and celebrate that.

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10. Let your pheromones do the work.

Women get aroused more easily when they move; men get aroused more easily when they relax. Dance or exercise for half an hour just before you masturbate or have sex. This will get you into your body. Try not to shower, because the smell, taste and pheromones of the sweat can arouse both you and your partner.

11. Put your body into a full relaxed state. 

While you're masturbating or having sex, make sure you're not tensed and stressed about needing to orgasm. Don't try to orgasm, just allow yourself to enjoy your body, the experience and the moment. Notice the sensations in your body or allow your partner to pleasure you.

12. Surrender to the pleasure. 

Ultimately, an orgasm is a moment of surrender, and deep orgasms require deep surrender. Affirm to yourself "I surrender" before, during and after a masturbation or sex session.

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