11 Reasons Men Love Being in a Relationship

Bachelorhood has its perks, but no guy wants to spend his whole life in the dating pool. Eventually the water becomes cold, our fingertips become wrinkled, and we start to suspect that somebody’s peeing in the water. Romantic notion, right? But this much is true: Pretty much every man wants to end up in a relationship eventually. He wants someone to share his pool towel with, so he doesn’t have to spend his life treading water with the other pruning singles. So what is it that draws us to life in love? Let me explain:

why men love being in relationships
1/11 Amanda Becker

Well, no new strings, anyway. We were already committed to you before we got naked, so there are no subtle “what does this mean for us?” conversations afterward. Ahhh.

why men love being in relationships
2/11 Amanda Becker

We can make breakfast, or not. We can talk about last night, or not. But whatever we do, there’s no hidden subtext. And nobody has to take a cab home.

why men love being in relationships
3/11 Amanda Becker

Hey, we’re handy. We have tools and everything. No big deal. Actually, we think it's a pretty big deal and want to show off our skills, but our friends aren't usually that impressed.

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why men love being in relationships
4/11 Amanda Becker

You like spotless floors, and I like clutter-free countertops. Consider the duties divvied. (But if we’re being honest, you should do the bathroom. Your hair is everywhere.)

why men love being in relationships
5/11 Amanda Becker

Would you use a sex toy with a one-night stand? Would you test new positions you weren’t sure about? Would you make a home video so the two of you could watch it together later? My guess is no, no, and definitely not. But in a relationship, you can do all that. And we want to.

why men love being in relationships
6/11 Amanda Becker

You think we can achieve big things, even when we’re not so sure. That’s huge.

why men love being in relationships
7/11 Amanda Becker

Okay, you’re right. A petting-zoo cocktail bar probably isn’t the best business plan. Thanks for hearing us out, babe. The next one will be the winner.

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why men love being in relationships
8/11 Amanda Becker

Our coworkers see our professional side. Our buds see our rowdy side. Our girlfriend sees both—plus our tender side, our generous side, our stubborn side, our cranky side...

why men love being in relationships
9/11 Amanda Becker

Quirks? Rough spots? Flaws? We got ‘em all. And you still love us.

why men love being in relationships
10/11 Amanda Becker

Skinny jeans are still in, right? Oh, that’s over? Well damn. Good thing we didn’t just spend $100 on these.

why men love being in relationships
11/11 Amanda Becker

After the shower, when you drop your towel like it’s no big deal. Then you snap on your bra, slip on your skirt, shimmy into your blouse—yeah, all of that. As long as you're cool with it, we're totally allowed to stare in a relationship. And, obviously, we welcome you to stare back. 

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