11 Celebrity Hair Colors to Inspire You This Fall

1/12 ,

Whoever said spring is a time of rebirth hasn't met this year's fall hair trends. From bleached-out blonde to the oh-so-trendy ombre, celebs are giving us a crazy amount of hairspiration right now. Take a look for yourself.

2/12 ,
Drew Barrymore

Drew does fresh-for-fall brunette in such a classic way.

3/12 ,
Zosia Mamet

The Girls star recently said goodbye to her natural brown shade to go ultra-blonde.

4/12 ,
Lo Bosworth

When Lo Bosworth chopped her long locks, she opted for a brighter blonde hue to go along with it.

5/12 ,
Kerry Washington

Kerry’s just-barely sunkissed locks are so autumn.

6/12 ,
Dakota Johnson

The 50 Shades of Grey star went back to brunette after flirting with being blonde this summer.

7/12 ,
Sophia Bush

This is how you make highlights work for fall.

8/12 ,
Lea Michele

...And this is pretty much lowlight perfection.

9/12 ,
Margot Robbie

The actress welcomed fall with new amber hair.

10/12 ,
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa's bold ombre look makes a major statement.

11/12 ,
Gisele Bundchen

Even this perennially-beachy supermodel has transitioned to a darker shade.

12/12 ,
Nicki Minaj

Traditional does not equal boring. We love Nicki Minaj's dialed-back 'do, a serious departure from her candy-colored past.

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