10 signs you are her backup guy and nothing else

A girl can make you feel like the most important person in her life and yet not see a relationship with you. Ask the friend-zoned guys about this feeling. Backup guys are like half boyfriends. She makes you do all the things that a boyfriend does but never is a girlfriend to you. If you don’t want to be Jacob from the Twilight series, stop Bella right there or move away from her. Here are some signs or red flags that indicate that you’re nothing but an extra in her life:

  1. You’re her lonely evening partner. When everyone ditches her, she makes instant plans with you and tells you how much she loves going out with you or dining with you.
  2. You’re the guy who takes her shopping and even holds the shopping bags because her ex or current crush won’t agree to do these things. Read: The ultimate guide to NOT get friend-zoned.
  3. She’ll avoid every type of physical intimacy with you. She won’t visit your apartment or go on vacations with you because she knows that the truth will be revealed when you try to make the move.
  4. She has left you before for some other guy and then come back to your life after the breakup to be with you long term. Read: 6 signs that you are more than friends with benefits.
  5. She’s busy with her phone texting people or answering every call that comes in when the two of you are together.
  6. Whenever you try to talk to her about her behaviour, she’ll get emotional or start crying but never agree that she wants to marry you or that you both are in a serious relationship.
  7. She will disappear for a few days and not actually tell you about her whereabouts. For all you know, she’s visiting her main man in some other city.
  8. She keeps telling you how you need to be like a certain person or like one of her exes or some colleague or friend. She’s quite quick at pointing out your flaws and usually does that all the time. Read: 5 reasons why your partner refuses to have sex with you.
  9. She doesn’t introduce you to her friends nor does she want to meet your friends. She does this because she doesn’t want to be known as your girlfriend.
  10. She hardly communicates her joys or achievements or the good things in life. She meets you or hangs out with you when she is either lonely and sad or is getting bored and wants to kill time.

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