10 Women Reveal the Kinkiest Things They've Been Asked to Do in Bed

Sure, we all have our special things that turn us on, but it's safe to say that springing your fetish on someone mid-hookup probably isn't a great idea. Don't get us wrong, we absolutely encourage waving your freak flag in the air like you just don't care, but when you do it on the fly it's bound to get awkward turtle.

Here, these 10 women share some of the kinkiest requests they've received in the sack:

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
1/10 Amanda Becker

"My period struck when I was out on a first date. We went back to his place, where I awkwardly confessed my situation and offered him a BJ. It turned out he was 'into blood' and offered to go down on me instead. I cringed at the thought, but tried to be open minded about it. It lasted right up until he took my tampon out with his teeth. I told him I wasn't feeling well and got out of there fast." —Alicia L.

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weirdest things women asked to do in bed
2/10 Amanda Becker

"Mid-foreplay, a guy asked me to pee on him. I awkwardly told him that I didn't have to go, so he offered me a bottle of water. I told him that I'd get it myself, grabbed my purse, and hauled ass out the door." —Meghan M.

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
3/10 Amanda Becker

"I had a fling with this guy who wasn't shy about how much he loved anal—only when the time came for a little back door action, he rubbed one out between my butt cheeks." —Andrea B.

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weirdest things women asked to do in bed
4/10 Amanda Becker

"I invited a guy over for drinks after last call. We started taking our clothes off, and just when I thought we were getting to the good stuff, he started jerking off in front of me. He told me to watch. He forged on for what felt like an hour while I sat there, wondering if he was ever going to invite me to join. He didn't." —Patricia D.

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
5/10 Amanda Becker

"During my experimental phase in college, this girl I was into told me about her rape fantasies. I didn't think anything of it. But when we were fooling around one night, she asked me to pretend to take advantage of her. Before I could answer, she'd already pulled out a pink strap-on. I'm sure it was just a coincidence, but it was at that very moment that I realized I was straight. Very, very, straight." —Mia C.

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
6/10 Amanda Becker

"This guy I was seeing wanted to have anal sex in order to get my poop on his dick. Then he wanted me to go down on him to clean it up. He also wanted me to drop a deuce in his hands so he could rub it all over me and we could have sex in my poop. His wish was not granted." —Sasha C.

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
7/10 Amanda Becker

"A guy asked me to cover my face with a pillow while he rubbed himself between my boobs to get off. Unfortunately, it was my first time, so I didn't know it was weird." —Kat R. (Get freaky in a non-scary way with these sex products from the Women's Health Boutique.)

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
8/10 Amanda Becker

"One guy requested that I not touch his hair during sex, which made me want to touch it even more. He didn't think it was funny and ghosted me after that." —Kelly B.

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
9/10 Amanda Becker

"I understand why some guys want you to tell them how big they are, but one guy wanted me to pretend to choke on his penis while giving him a BJ. I did start gagging, but not because he wanted me to." —April G.

weirdest things women asked to do in bed
10/10 Amanda Becker

"As he was about to blow his wad, my now-ex asked me to punch him in the stomach as hard as I could because it made his orgasm feel more amazing. Not surprisingly, it had the exact opposite effect on mine." —Ava K.

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