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1 year ago
10 Things People Who Are Trying to Lose Weight Are Tired of Hearing

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Losing weight isn't easy—and unsolicited comments definitely don't help. If you've been on a diet, then you know—these are the most frustrating things people say when you're trying to drop pounds.

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"Should you really be eating that?"

3/11 ,

"Have you lost any weight yet?" (Guess they haven't noticed…)

4/11 ,

"Oh, I work out more than that!" Hey, it's not a contest!

5/11 ,

"You're on a diet? Ugh, I've been trying to gain weight." Must be tough…

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6/11 ,

Any comment about the amount you just ate. #TooLate

7/11 ,

"You're going to let all that food go to waste?!" or any other comment that makes you feel guilty about putting your fork down when you're full.

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8/11 ,

"But don't you crave [insert amazing food that you are obviously craving]." Yes—thanks for the reminder.

9/11 ,

"You have so much self control!" Except that you're secretly dying for a bite of that person's dessert…

10/11 ,

"Well, I don't think you need to lose weight." #TotallyIrrelevant

11/11 ,

"Have you tried eating less and hitting the gym?" Thanks for the groundbreaking advice!

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