10 Things Men Are Dying to Know About Women

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If you think guys are hard to figure out, guess what? They're just as confused by you. Don't believe us? Madeline Haller, the Girl Next Door columnist for Men's Health, spills the 10 most common questions men ask her about women.

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"Why does my ex keep trying to be my friend?"

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"What's the best way to approach a beautiful woman?"

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Body Image

"What part of a guy's body do women like the most?"

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"Do women care whether we trim?"

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Hotter Hookups

"How can I get my girlfriend to be more adventurous in bed?"

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Call Me, Maybe

"How long should I wait to call a woman after she's given me her number?"

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First Impressions

"What's the best way to impress a woman on the first date?"

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Flirting 101

"Is there a surefire way to tell whether she's into me or just being nice?"

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Her Orgasm

"Why can't I give my girlfriend an orgasm during sex?"

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More Than Friends

"How can I escape the friend zone?"

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