10 Highly-Rated Foundations For Oily Skin That Are Worth the Hype

Having oily skin can some days feel like a curse but it doesn't necessarily have to mean all doom and gloom. First of all, having oily skin means you get to fend off wrinkles a little bit better, because you know that slick layer of oil that descends upon your face promptly around lunchtime everyday? It actually helps seal in moisture where you need it most - your face! Second of all, there are some incredible, revelatory products available now that can give you the matte finish of your dreams.

If you're prone to oily skin, there are certain things to look for, such as oil-free and sheen-free formulas, matte finishes, and water-based foundations. Scroll through to check out a host of foundations that have a cult following and were made specifically for oily skin.

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