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10​ ​Awesome​ ​Romantic​ ​Ideas​ ​to​ ​Spice​ ​up​ ​Your​ ​Busy​ ​Marriage

There’s no denying that life can be hectic. From putting in time at work to filling the rest of your days running to and from different activities for your kids, the little free time you have is likely spent sleeping or thinking about what’s in store for the next day. So, while we have all of these things to consider and to worry about, what’s the first thing that usually gets put on the back burner? Romance. Yep, unfortunately, your love tank is the last thing to get filled because life happens. We’re busy and we’re tired. But, rather than succumb to these excuses, to keep the fire alive and love in the air between you and your boo, it’s going to take a little creativity. Luckily, we did the thinking for you. All that you have to do is read our 10 awesome romantic ideas to help spice up your busy marriage and you’ll be all set. We know your time is precious so let’s not waste anymore of it. Here are our top 10 ideas:

1. Channel your inner Stevie Wonder

“I Just Called To Say I Love You.” You don’t need to spend money to show a sign of affection. Sometimes, all that you need to do is pick up the phone and call or text your spouse. This small gesture, of checking in on your significant other will show that you’re thinking about them during a busy day. It could be a quick call or a short text that says, I love you, whatever it may be, carve out a few minutes each day to check in on your sweetie.

2. Sweeten the deal

I love you a choco-LOT. Nothing says I love you like chocolate. Surprise your sweetie with strawberries layered chocolate cake and leave a special note with it. Small gestures like this will show that no matter how busy you are, you always have time to surprise and treat the one you love.

3. Wine down together

Love like wine gets better with age. There’s nothing like enjoying a glass of wine after a long, tiring day. If the wine is poured by your significant other, it just enhances the experience. After the craziness of another day has settled, kick back and enjoy a nice glass of wine together and catch up on the happenings of your day. This time spent together will not only relax you but reconnect you with your love.

Wine down together

4. Bring back PDA

Kiss and tell. As parents, we know that our kids basically melt from embarrassment when they see their parents showing any sign of affection in public. Well, it’s time to bring back PDA. There’s nothing like stealing a kiss or holding hands in public. It’s almost electrifying when you publicly showing each other that after all these years and through a crazy life that the romance is still alive.

5. Spice things up

Make yourself attractive. Physical love is an important part of staying connected with your significant other. Of course, after a long day, all that we want to do is get into bed and sleep. We do not really want to get into bed and do the deed. However, to keep the love alive, you have to make time for love. Take things up a notch and do something you’ve never done before like donning a ruby red corset for the final countdown to romance.

6. Get in the kitchen

Cooking is truly an act of love. Whether it’s a baked good or dinner, no matter what it is, the most important part is that you’re taking the time out of your busy day to cook something heavenly like a cup of red wine hot chocolate that your significant other loves. “Cooking is love made visible.” Show your love by baking or making your partner’s favorite dish or recipe to show that you care.

Get in the kitchen

7. Give the gift of surprise, keep them guessing

We’re conditioned to love routines. It helps us stay organized and keeps us moving forward in our days. But, just because we love a good routine doesn’t mean that we can’t break it. Sometimes, a surprise like breakfast in bed or something as simple as making your loved one’s lunch is enough of a surprise to break the monotony of our daily routines. Surprises keep us guessing and show that we’re still thinking about our significant other no matter how busy we get.

8. Date night

Never stop dating your spouse. Get a babysitter on the phone and make plans for a date night. It’s refreshing to be able to sit across a table from your spouse and reconnect on a deeper level beyond just talking about your daily activities. Really take the time to talk about things that matter to the both of you and don’t forget to flirt. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you should stop dating your spouse. Keep things exciting and make an effort to fit in date nights whether at home or out on the town to keep your bond strong.

9. Try something new

Get outside of your comfort zones. There’s a popular saying that says, “Life begins outside of your comfort zone.” Take the leap of faith and try something new with your loved one by your side. It could be something as simple as a cooking class or something as crazy as skydiving. Whatever you choose, grow and expand your experiences to bring new life into your relationship.

10. Can you hear me now?

Keep the lines of communication open. Talking to your spouse is perhaps the most important element to a healthy relationship. When we get busy, one of the first things that seem to slip is our communication skills. We’re on auto-pilot just trying to navigate through our days. Take a step back and take the time to communicate. Talk about the small things, talk about your dreams, talk about something completely new. The more you talk, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll grow as a couple. While it always seems and feels like an afterthought, keeping the love in your marriage alive should be a top priority. Remember life when you were first married? Was it just you and your partner? There’s nothing wrong with taking a trip back in time and rekindling that flame and experiencing that passion. There’s a reason you got married to this person, it’s time you take a step back and remember why!

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