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11 months ago
‘Londoners don’t let drizzle dampen their style’ | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

I’ve always loved how Londoners don’t let that perpetual drizzle dampen they’re style. When it comes to fashion, it’s one of the most versatile cities I’ve experienced and while postcode no longer dictates style the way it once did, London’s ever present style factions can’t be missed. Hipster chic in Shoreditch and Hoxton; punk/goth in Camden; chic and sophisticated in Mayfair; laidback luxury in Knightsbridge or most ‘SW’ neighbourhoods for that matter (the perfect spot for those Gucci loafers). What I love about the cities little style factions is that it gives you a free pass, you could wear a glittery sequinned skirt to breakfast and no one would bat an eyelid (not that I would recommend it).  

With winters in full swing combined with the city’s notoriously unpredictable weather, if you’re packing for a trip to London it’s imperative to remember the eternal London style code; it’s all about layers! I like to mix chunky knits to add a little dimension to my winter look and combine it with some leather. One of my go-to winter looks includes pairing leather boots and leather pants, it feels warm, looks chic and it’s waterproof — a must for London winters. With all those layers, it’s always nice to keep an eye out for great belts to throw on your winter coats. I love a winter coat with a big hood, perfect for when it get’s windy or rainy and if you pick a coat that’s hood-free, fear not this is the city to rock that woollen hat. While the general winter colour palate tends to be the classic grey, black, navy blue combo, if there’s a colour that screams this fall winter, it’s red. Look out for a classic red coat this season or perhaps a pair of bright red sock booties?

Where to shop?

Couverture & The Garbstore: set across three floors in Notting hill, the cult concept store is must-visit. LN-CC (Late Night Chameleon Cafe): this by appointment only boutique is a little bit of a journey but totally worth it.Modern society: Nifty clothes, delectable coffee and great location, a must-visit if you’re in Shoreditch. Dover Street Market: with a new home in Haymarket, the multi-storied store is a mecca for fashion lovers.Matches: the quintessential London luxury retailer always offers a fresh collection. 

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