Refer-Your-Friends :- Usage Terms & Conditions


  • Once you Signup and complete your personal details with FemaleAdda - Your FemaleAdda PayBeauty Wallet activates instantly and will be eligible to receive credits.
  • When your friend accepts your invitation and signs up with FemaleAdda using your referral code – Both of you will get credit of Rs. 100/- in PayBeauty Wallet once your friend spends worth Rs 1,000/- at
  • Spending amounts of Rs. 1,000/- is basic cost of the services or products which excludes Booking fee/Convenience fee/Taxes
  • FemaleAdda PayBeauty Wallet can only be used within the FemaleAdda system and is not meant to serve as an alternate currency.
  • Under the Refer-Your- Friend, you are eligible to accumulate referral credits from unlimited friends or relatives. Invite more, Earn More.
  • Refer-Your- Friend feature is for web and app users.
  • Sometime instant credit may not be possible due to technical or some other factors, though our effort is to credit your referral money instantly.
  • FemaleAdda Refer-Your- Friend promo is meant to reward our FemaleAdda fans for spreading the Feminine Portal ( Web & App) amongst their friends and family, and not meant for accumulating credits through broadcasting on a webpage, a blog or any other mass anonymous communication medium or through means similar to affiliate programs or any means for commercial gains.
  • As a FemaleAdda user, you can have one unique login. Creating duplicate emails, signing-in from multiple devices, multiple sign-ins from a device and having more than one PayBeauty Wallet account per user in order to unduly gain referral credits is not appropriate and we will not honor such codes.
  • If at any point, FemaleAdda verifies the usage of the promo code which violates the Terms & Conditions or is abusive to the spirit of the referral program, FemaleAdda reserves the sole right to suspend the user from the program and suspension of PayBeauty Wallet account or reversal of gained FemaleAdda credits, as determined by FemaleAdda.
  • For any further questions on FemaleAdda Refer-Your- Friend promos or issues with credits please write to us at [email protected]
  • FemaleAdda reserves the sole right to modify, terminate or extend the Refer-Your- Friend promotion and any particulars of the promotion, as the promo duration, referral credit amount, region and Service providers associated with it.
  • The above Terms & Conditions should be read with Company’s General Terms & Conditions and Privacy policies.
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