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Membership Packs Subscription:- Usage terms & Conditions

  • Membership Pack- An open buying option to its subscribers within its monthly and yearly limit of subscription amounts. Membership Pack benefits carrying special Discounts, Free services and Cash Back.
  • Utilisation of membership pack is subject to monthly limit as prescribed on the pack.
  • Membership pack is having validity period of 3, 6, & 12 months as prescribed against each pack.
  • Upon subscription of Membership pack, a system generated Membership Identification number (MIN) is allotted which should be kept safely for shopping reference. Membership subscription pack can be utilise to make payment applying MIN and verify OTP on registered mobile number.
  • If Paying through MIN, other benefits of Coupon Discount, Gift Vouchers etc.cannot be availed at a time.
  • MIN is valid only for Online booking at on its web portal or mobile application.
  • Free home service benefit available only on First Come First Serve basis subject to availability of slots on selected booking date and time. Make ensure you book your free service sufficient in advance. Cancellation & Reschedule not permissible in this case. Free service will lapse once you book and do not avail or cancel.
  • Cash Back will be credited to your bank account on next renewal/ new subscription with below terms and conditions-
    • You are entitled for Cash Back, i) once you renew or subscribe for new membership pack ( value not less than existing or past subscribed pack) after expiry of your existing membership pack/ MIN or after fully exhaust of membership pack balance and ii) Introduce at least one new members to subscribe membership pack
    • 50% of your Entitled cash back will be due on after 90 days of due date of expiry of membership pack.
    • Balance 50% of your Entitled cash back will be due on after 180 days of due date of expiry of membership pack.
    • You have the option to get cash back in your PayBeauty Wallet instead of Bank account or Company may at its sole discretion may opt to credit cash back in Wallet.
  • Membership Identification Number and / or Membership Pack is not a negotiable instrument and non transferable.
  • MIN is your property and you are solely responsible for its utilisation in Do not disclose this number to third party.
  • Membership Pack once subscribe cannot be refunded.
  • Membership Pack's validity is not extendable.
  • Unused membership Pack balance will lapse on expiry of its validity date. However you are still entitled to benefits of cash back subject to compliance of clause (8).
  • Multiple Membership pack can be subscribed. Each separate MIN will be allotted with each pack.
  • Company has sole discretion and right to withdraw or modify scheme and any clause of the scheme at any time without any prior notice.
  • Booking is taken subject to availability of slot and acceptance of our service merchants.
  • Member's profile data should be complete in 100%.
  • Refer your Friend benefits available ( rewards points in wallets) .
  • For insufficient balance in Membership Pack, avail balance/partial payment through PayBeauty Wallet, Debit/Credit/NetBanking or any other mode of payment available on site.
  • Other Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policies of the company will supersede the above clauses (refer
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