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Worthy Investments for Fall Fashion

1/7 Kayt Jones
Worthy Investments
For Odette Yustman, it was love at first sight. During a shopping trip six years ago, she spotted—and immediately fell for—a pair of chocolate-brown Fiorentini & Baker boots. They cost a hefty $575, but she just couldn't live without them. "I still wear them almost every day," says the actress, who pairs the stylish kicks with everything from skinny jeans to skirts. "And they've only gotten better with time."

So have Odette's Hollywood opportunities. The 25-year-old California native first grabbed attention in big-screen thrillers such as The Unborn. This fall, though, she's trading screams for zingers with a plum part in the much buzzed-about You Again, playing a former high school mean girl who returns years later to marry the brother of her taunt target (Kristen Bell). "Bride" is a role Odette will play in real life as well. In October, she'll swap vows with Brothers and Sisters star Dave Annable, 30. To tone up for the big day, she's working with a trainer three days a week and hiking in the Hollywood Hills. "I check out the beautiful houses, so it feels more like real estate browsing," says Odette. But unlike most brides, she is determined not to shed pounds: "I'm Cuban, so I like a bit of curve. I just want my booty to have a little lift!"

In addition to wedding wear, Odette is looking for a few key pieces to round out her fall wardrobe—a la the clothes she models on these pages. On her wish list: oversize sweaters in neutral tones, thick scarves for "a punch of color," and lots and lots of...socks? "I'm obsessed with socks," she says with a laugh. "I even wear them to bed! Dave hates it, but I love that extra warmth. That's one thing I just can't compromise on."

2/7 Kayt Jones
Faux-Fur Vest
Though not a predictable classic, its fun factor (and animal-friendly attributes) make this vest a keeper.

Topshop vest, $170,
3/7 Kayt Jones
Military Jacket
No matter what's going on overseas, military-inspired fashion always makes a strong statement.

Gryphon New York jacket, $575, at Saks Fifth Avenue, 212-753-4000
4/7 Kayt Jones
Floor-Length Skirt
Long skirts are getting the casual treatment this season, so pair one with a shrunken tee. When hemlines rise again, add it to your evening-wear rotation.

Topshop skirt, $100,
5/7 Kayt Jones
Sparkly Dress
Wear it with heels to a party, or with a blazer and boots for day. The options are endless.

Adam dress, $695,
6/7 Kayt Jones
Oversize Knit
It's amazing how something so warm and cozy can look so perennially cool.

Gudrun & Gudrun sweater, $650, at Beyond 7, 646-619-6857
7/7 Kayt Jones
Leather Pants
Like Bret Michaels and Betty White, leather pants (real or faux) just keep returning to the limelight.

Club Monaco faux-leather leggings, $129, for stores
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