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1 year ago
World Hello Day: Say Hello To Good Food Habits

  • World Hello Day Today is an annual global event.
  • 'Hello', 'Hola', Namaste, Salaam are more than just polite exchange.
  • On this World Hello Day, how about saying 'Hello' to good food habits.

It's World Hello Day Today, an annual global event initiated after the Yom Kippur War in 1973 that aims to propagate peace in the world and encourage people to put aside their conflicts and begin afresh-through healthy communication and not force. Come to think of it, expressions like 'Hello', 'Hi', 'Hola', Namaste, Salaam are more than just polite exchanges, they have the potential to break down the toughest of barriers and mend broken ties. Remember your first 'Hello' to your best friend, you never knew how important he/she will become to you down the years and you both have that first hello to thank for! On this World Hello Day, how about saying 'Hello' to good food habits that your body will thank you for many years from now?

Being healthy may have earned itself a tough reputation, but if you take things one day, one step at a time - it may not be that rigorous a deal after all. Here are some simple changes you may want to say hello to right away!

1. Say Hello To A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day by several nutritionists and it's time you take heed. No matter how lazy or pressed for time you are in the morning make sure you tuck in a healthy fill. Breakfast literally means break the fast. Since our body doesn't consume anything after dinner till we wake up the next morning, it is necessary to provide fuel to the body in the form of a healthy breakfast. Starting the day hungry can exhaust you soon because your blood glucose levels are at an all-time low. Also, if you are hungry in the first half of the day you tend to grab anything sugary and salty and binge on fat-laden foods later in the day.

healthy breakfast recipes

On World Hello Day say hello to good food habits 

2. Say Hello To Water!

Drinking water regularly is crucial for the smooth functioning of the body. Processes such as flushing toxins and bacteria out of your bladder, aiding digestion, carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells, preventing constipation and maintaining the electrolyte (sodium) balance are just some of the functions that happen better when the body is well-hydrated. Water also helps keep your skin glowing. Other fluids like coconut water, fruit and vegetable juices are also an excellent way to be hydrated.


3. Say Hello To Exercise

The key to good health is a combination of good diet and exercise. Indulge in any form of workout or physical activity you fancy, but make sure you clock in at least 30 minutes of planned exercise daily. If training at the gym is not your cup of tea, then you could do cycling, swimming, Zumba or just go for a run. Fitness is not just about keeping those extra pounds in check but should be a way of life. Surprise yourself with renewed energy and strength, trust us you won't regret this call.

excercise 620
On World Hello Day say hello to fitness

4. Say Hello To Portion Control

Make sure your plate only contains the amount of food you need and not a morsel more. Eating when you are not hungry or right after a large meal is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It is always essential to maintain portion control. Another eating habit that you must check is emotional eating. It is only the mind's way to deceive you, that you need all those donuts and fries to cope with the situation. Don't fall for the trick, and you would come out just fine.

healthy food

Make sure your plate only contains the amount of food you need

5. Say Hello To Balanced Nutrition

In a bid to lose weight, you may be tempted to take many shortcuts but that could only harm you more in the long run. Our body requires three prime nutrients: Carbs, Proteins and Fats. Each play their part and each of them are essential for survival and none of the food groups should be randomly eliminated from the diet. Carbs and fats are as essential as proteins, you only need to make sure you consume good fats and complex carbs. Load up on good carbs such as whole wheat, whole grains instead of sugary cereals. Avocado, ghee, nuts, coconut oil are good fats and should replace all that trans-fat and processed junk in your meal.

balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential for good health

Finally, sleep is crucial for one's good health too. Apart from all these good food habits, make sure your body gets adequate rest to be able to perform more effectively while up and awake. Poor sleep can hamper your immune system, may put you on the risk of stroke and also make you gain weight.

Happy World Hello Day!


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