World AIDS Day— What are the symptoms of HIV infection?

You may be well-versed with the symptoms of AIDS do you know the early symptoms of an HIV infection that ultimately manifest into AIDS? The early symptoms of HIV are usually mild and easily dismissed but you can still pass the virus to others even without noticeable symptoms. So take note of these early symptoms of an HIV infection.

Flu-like symptoms— In the early weeks after you are infected with HIV you may experience flu-like symptoms like headache, fever and lack of energy. Here are 12 HIV/AIDS symptoms you need to watch out for.

Skin rashes and bumps-– Many HIV positive people also develop skin problems like rashes, flaky skin and bumps in the first few weeks of contracting the disease. Your skin may become extremely sensitive to irritants and sunlight. If you are HIV positive, you may also be at an increased risk of herpes and shingles.

Fever— If you are infected with HIV you may experience long periods of low-grade fever with a temperature 99.8 degree F and 100.8 degree F. Sometimes, night sweats can also accompany the fever.
Yeast infections– Bacterial and vaginal yeast infections may also be common and difficult to treat in HIV positive women.

Menstrual changes— If you are HIV positive, you may also experience changes in your menstrual cycle. Your periods may be lighter than normal or you may not be bleeding at all. You may also notice more severe premenstrual symptoms. These 5 tests will detect a recent HIV infection. 

Infections— Since HIV makes it difficult for your body to fight off the germs, it is easier for infections like pneumonia or tuberculosis to take hold. If you are HIV positive, you will also be more prone to infections of the eyes, kidneys, lungs and digestive tract. So if you get any of these infections, make sure you get yourself tested for HIV.


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