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11 months ago
Why do you get constipated during your vacations?

This situation might sound familiar. You are on a family vacation, enjoying your days on the beach with the sun above your head and sand on your feet. But there is only one discomfort– you have not pooped for days. You are not alone as many people experience constipation during vacations and this could be the reason why according to Dr Manish Pense.

Dehydration makes you constipated during vacations

Dehydration could be the biggest reason why you do not seem to poop during your vacations. In fact, even sitting on a plane for a few hours can dry out your colon. Since the atmospheric pressure inside a plane is different from the atmospheric pressure outside, it could slowly be sucking water from your body as well as from your bowels. And dehydration can worsen when you spend all your time side seeing as you do not drink enough water at least not as much as you do at home or at the office. Moreover, if you are on a vacation it is also possible that your diet will go for a toss, and eating lots of fried stuff can also get you dehydrated and extremely constipated. So make sure that you drink a lot of water when you are travelling and try to keep your diet on track as much as possible. These 8 lifestyle habits can make your constipation worse. 

One day detox after vacation

A one-day detox after a long weekend or a vacation could be just what your body needs. And if you are suffering from bloating, constipation or fatigue, your body is begging you to hit a reset button. Here’s how you can do it. Start your day by drinking some hot water with freshly squeezed lime juice. Hot water will not only stimulate your digestive tract but will also give you a boost of vitamins. Have a strawberry smoothie for breakfast, and in the afternoon, you need a light lunch to avoid the afternoon slump. You can opt for a fibre-rich salad with some lean protein and eat a healthy dinner of protein and fresh veggies. Also, eat bananas to beat constipation. 

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