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Why PM Modi Has Advised Against Taking Antibiotics Without Prescription: The Risks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his concerns regarding the overuse of antibiotics in his monthly address to the nation on his radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. He urged people not to take antibiotic medicines without a doctor’s prescription as this could lead to problems for the individual as well as society at large.

Prime Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem and scientists from around the world have called for action against the epidemic of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Government is committed to stop antibiotic resistance. You must have noticed that antibiotic medicine strips have a red line to warn you — Narendra Modi

A Video That Explains The Antibiotics Resistance Problem In India

Antibiotic-resistant infections are a fast growing problem and the only way to curb the problem is to ensure that we use antibiotics wisely and only when necessary. Here’s a video explaining why one shouldn’t take antibiotics without prescription:


What Are Antibiotic Medications?

Antibiotic medications are powerful medicines that are very effective in treating bacterial infections as they destroy bacteria. Because they are so effective, people tend to use them as the primary treatment course even when it is not required. This overuse of antibiotics is one of the main causes for the increase in drug-resistant bacteria. Another problem is the improper use of antibiotics where patients do not follow the entire course but instead they stop taking their medication once their symptoms are under control.

How Do Bacteria Become Resistant To Antibiotics?

When antibiotic medications are not used correctly, some of the harmful bacteria survive. The surviving bacteria are now immune to the medication and as they reproduce, they pass on their resistance to the antibiotic medicines to the next generations of bacteria. When these antibiotic-resistant bacteria affect the next person, the original medication will not be able to eliminate the infection. Stronger antibiotic medications are now needed to get rid of these bacteria. This situation will keep escalating with the bacteria becoming resistant to stronger drugs each time until there are no drugs strong enough to eliminate them. The CDC published a report on the top 18 drug-resistant threats, most of which are common around the world.

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What Is The Threat Posed By Antibiotic-Resistant Infections?

Antibiotic-resistant infections pose a very serious threat as they are very tough or even impossible to treat. There are various types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and they can cause a wide variety of health issues from life-threatening diarrhea to bloodstream infections, urinary infections, pneumonia, gonorrhea and many more. Some antibiotic-resistant infections were common in the US and Europe for several decades, but are now emerging pathogens in India.

Multi-drug-resistant TB (tuberculosis) and totally drug-resistant tuberculosis are two of the most dangerous-antibiotic resistant infections in India. According to WHO, India has the highest number of multi-drug-resistant TB patients. Since TB is an airborne disease, it can affect just about anyone although children and seniors are at a higher risk.

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