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9 months ago
Why Indian women do ‘NOT’ want to play Holi

Holi — the festival of colours — was never a festival meant for women in India. Even today, we hear numerous cases of a physical and sexual harassment in the name of the festival. The cases of women being touched inappropriately in public during the celebrations or strangers putting colours all over a girl’s face is not a new thing. And if you ask a woman to share her experience with Holi, most women will narrate horrific experiences such as groping, harassing and molesting that are better not revisited. The fault is not in playing with colours or water but the mindset that condones abusing and harassing a girl and escaping saying Bura Na Mano Holi hai.

Not just harsh chemicals but balloons filled with mud, rotten eggs, gutter ka paani, etc are thrown at unsuspecting women. If this was not enough, boys have come up with semen-filled balloons to harass women. Yes, balloons filled with semen! Recently, some guy in Delhi flung a balloon filled with semen targetting her hips days before Holi. This is just one of the reasons why women in India do not wish to play Holi. Here are more reasons why women are happy staying away from this festival of horrors.

Whether you are a man or a woman “consent” matters and everyone must respect it! But how many people actually follow it? And when it’s Holi, consent doesn’t matter. In fact, losers armed with colours and high on bhaang take it as a golden opportunity to behave as they want, be it harassing a woman by throwing balloons filled with rotten eggs or dirty water from gutters. Touching a woman’s private parts intentionally, groping her in the pretext of applying colours, abusing a woman is key during this festival in the name of fun.

Hooligans resort to oil paints and dark colours because they are hard to wash with water and remain for days. Some even use balloons filled with pebbles/rocks and water to hit a girl. The unwanted touch from strangers or balloons filled with some icky fluid targetted at private parts of a woman is all over the place during Holi. But it’s high time we raise voice against the harassment that is going on for ages under the blanket of culture and tradition. Holi is not a license to misbehave but an occasion where you accord women the respect they deserve. It is a festival that ascertains you to play only with the consent of women and not cross any boundaries in the name of celebration. Let’s pledge this Holi we do not stay quiet but spread awareness so that no one who wishes to harass a woman in the pretext of having fun at the stake of a woman’s feelings.

Here are few real women sharing some of the most frightful experiences of Holi. Watch the video!

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