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What to Buy for Parents

1/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Eco Totes

Mom will get carried away with these eco-chic totes

Greenhouse Design Studio grocery totes, $35 for three,
2/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Kindle Covers

A classic cover for their modern library

M-Edge Kindle covers, $40 each,
3/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Painless Work

Ergonomic tools make yard work less of a pain

Radius Garden gardening tools, $10 each,
4/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Gone Fishin'

Dad will fall for a fishing pack—hook, line, and sinker

Orvis Safe Passage fully loaded sling pack, $198,
5/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Quick Grilling

Grill lean meats and veggies on the go

Bodum Fyrkat picnic charcoal grill, $60,
6/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Look Good

Dapper cuff links made from recycled pine

Polli cuff links, $58,
7/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Snap and Share

Point. Shoot. Show them how to post on Facebook

Vivitar ViviCam V25, $30,
8/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Handheld Helper

Perfect for healthy smoothies and soups

Cuisinart stick blender, $30,
9/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Toasty in the Morning

It's a morning workout must-have Moving Comfort NoChill half-zip, $80,

10/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Never Get Lost

Point your parents in the right direction

Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour GPS, $120,
11/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Stylish Golf

Golf gear that will get Mom into the swing of things

Ame & Lulu head covers, $79 for three,
12/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Better Cooking

Flavored olive oils to dress up any meal

A Tuscan collection of premium and infused extra-virgin olive oils, $50, (type in LUCWH20 for 20 percent off)
13/16 Claire Benoist,Claire Benoist
Healthy Tea

Six teas brimming with antioxidants

Starbucks Tazo Tea Sampler, $20,
14/16 ,
Thirst Quencher

A sleek, simple, and seriously cute new water filter to please any parents

Water Bobble Filtered Water Jug, $30,
15/16 ,
Bottle of Bubbly

House your hostess' gift in the retro-looking mini fridge that comes with each bottle of this bubbly

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Le Fridge, $40,
16/16 ,
Step Forward, Give Back

Help mom and dad get fit, give back, and have fun. This physical activity tracker will make a donation to one of three charities for every step you take.

Striiv Fitness Device, $100,

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