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What is the best treatment option for breast cancer?

Once a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer, appropriate treatment options are recommended based on the stage of the disease. These include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy. Dr Kanchan Kaur, Associate Director, Breast Services, Cancer care, Medanta – The Medicity explains what is the best treatment option for breast cancer and can only one type of treatment help to treat the condition. Here’s more on the four different stages and treatment of breast cancer.

Surgery is the standard treatment for breast cancer that attempts to save healthy breast tissue as much as possible. Breast conservation surgery includes procedures like lumpectomy, partial mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Radiation therapy involves targeting the patient’s body with powerful external energy beams that destroy cancer cells.

Chemotherapy is another common treatment method for cancer that uses a combination of powerful drugs to destroy fast-growing cancer cells in the body. The drugs are either taken orally or infused through the veins. The treatment’s after-effects depend on the kind of drugs that the patient is administered.

Hormone therapy reduces and blocks the growth of hormones in the body which play a part in the advancement of some breast cancers.

Targeted therapy is another treatment method that uses drugs to target cancer cells accurately. This is a relatively new type of therapy that only targets the cancer cells, unlike other treatment methods which tend to damage healthy cells along with cancer cells.

One of the most common questions about breast cancer treatment is if any one of the methods can help to treat the cancer? The answer is NO!  The above-mentioned treatment methods are customized by oncologists according to the intensity and stage of the breast cancer. Hence, it cannot be said that one of the treatment options is best for breast cancer as it is considered based on numerous factors. In early stages, surgery and radiation therapy might help but if the cancer has spread to the surrounding tissue, chemotherapy and radiation might be considered. In fact,  combination therapy is what works best to treat cancer. Moreover, there are certain breast cancer patients who require all five kinds of treatment combination (Surgery+ Chemotherapy+ Hormone Therapy+ Targeted Therapy+ Radiation) for combating breast cancer. Here’s what to expect after your breast cancer treatment.

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