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11 months ago
What is that smell in your ears?

If you notice a foul smell in your ear, it could be a giveaway that you have an ear infection. Ear pain, ear discharge and a feeling of fullness in the ear may also accompany the pain. However, if you have developed an ear infection, you can use antibiotics to treat it. But if you have developed a noticeable odour, here’s what you should do first according to Dr Manav Pense, a Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospitals.

  • First, you need to visit the doctor to check if the ear infection is causing the smell in your ears. The bacteria overgrowth due to an ear infection can result in all that foul smell. If the doctor has prescribed any antibiotics, take them and make sure that you complete the course even if you begin to feel better in a few days.
  • To clean the ear, place a few drops of mineral oil in a dropper and leave the liquid at room temperature for some time before using it. Drop a few drops of the oil to your ears and keep your ears tilted for a few seconds before placing your head upright again. Once your head is upright, make sure that you remove the excess oil from your ear. Repeat this process to keep your ears clean every week. However, make sure that you do not use pointed objects or cotton swabs to clean your ears as you could develop an infection. Here are 7 parts of your body you are not cleaning properly. 

Pro tip: Avoid spraying anything into your ear. The water or solution that is released can harm the sensitive skin of the ear canal and your eardrum. Also, do not use the services of some roadside ear cleaners or ‘ear wallahs’, as they use a sharp metal pin wrapped with cotton to clean your ear. It is simply an accident waiting to happen. Here are a few more things you should never do to your ears. 

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