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What are the latest treatment options for ED or impotence?

The cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men have risen significantly in the past decade. Due to the stigma associated with ED, people pursue temporary home-made solutions to the problem rather than gaining a proper understanding of the causes of the disease. Many researchers have revealed that ED is one of the major causes of unconsummated marriages in India, leading to high psychological impact. Patients have the same queries, ‘Does this mean that I can never be a father?’ ‘Is IVF now my only option?’. Most of the individuals suffering from the disease don’t know that there are multiple treatment options available to them. Also read about causes and treatment for inability to maintain an erection during sex. 

There are many solutions available in the market which are much more effective than ‘viagra’ or home remedies. Some of them include:

1. Oral Medications: Certain drugs can help in relaxing the muscles found in male sexual organs, and increase blood flow to the penis, in response to sexual stimuli.

2. Self-Injections: Sometimes a doctor can prescribe a medication called alprostadil that men are required to inject at the base of the penis. The treatment is painless, as the medication is performed through a fine needle.

3. Pumps or vacuum devices: Vacuum erection devices involve placing a small cylindrical device that is placed over the penis. It puts negative pressure and pulls blood into the organ, causing an erection. A band is then placed at the base to maintain the erection, which lasts for about 30 minutes.

4. Penile implants: There are implants available where a device is inserted in the penis that can be activated whenever the requirement arises. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, many painless yet effective ways to manage the problem have emerged, says Dr Vineet Malhotra, Diyos Men’s Health Center.  Here’s more on medications, penis pumps, transplants, other treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

“The problem is also significantly rising amongst young men between the age groups 30-40, causing a discord in family life. While often ignored, this can have serious consequences on not only physical intimacy but also social relations. If you have the problem, don’t be afraid to talk about it, both to your spouse and your doctor,” said Dr Rupin Shah, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.

With the rising incidents of patients with ED, there is a need to understand the problem completely and act accordingly. Individuals must remember that avoiding proper medical condition due to shame or embarrassment will fuel the problem rather than treating it.

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