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What Sunglasses To Wear For Your Face Shape

best sunglasses round
1/4 Jeff Harris
Tip: The best sunglasses for round faces are face-slimming wraparounds and oversize rectangles. Steer clear of big circular frames, which add fullness.

(from top to bottom):
Esprit, $40, at Charmant, 800-272-2042
Jimmy Choo, $295, for stores
Ralph by Ralph Lauren, $90, for stores
FE New York by Fantas-Eyes, $10,

For more shades check out these sports sunglasses and aviators.

2/4 Jeff Harris
Tip: Oversize squares, aviators, and wayfarers flatter a long face. Small round frames? Not so much.

(from top to bottom):
Forever 21, $5.80,
Oliver Peoples, $375, 212-585-3433
Lacoste, $89, at Charmant, 800-272-2042
DKNY, $90,

3/4 Jeff Harris
Tip: To soften your jawline, choose upturned wayfarers, oversize rectangles, or cateyes. Square frames, which echo the angles of your face, are not your friend.

(clockwise from top left):
Oakley, $110,
Face à Face, $365, for stores
Redeux by Cinzia Designs, $150,
Liz Claiborne, $30, for stores

Tip: Draw attention up with oversize squares and wraparounds. Watch out for teardrop-shaped aviators—they emphasize a sharp chin.

(from top to bottom):
Adidas Originals Eyewear, $150, for stores
XOXO, $28, forstores
Cole Haan, $150,
Emporio Armani, $175, for stores

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