What Inspires You? Marc Jacobs Shares His Short List

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His Tattoos

Shameless Bold Blush in Obsessed ($30) was Inspired by one of Marc Jacobs's 34 tats—but he won't say which one.

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His DVD Collection

Many of Jacobs's products were named for his favorite movies. Clearly he's a fan of The Wizard of Oz, as evidenced by his LoveMarc Lip Gel in Surrender Dorothy ($30), a ruby red. "I'm Inspired by pop culture, music, art, film, and Iconic characters," Jacobs says.


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His Muse

Director Sofia Coppola, a good friend of Jacobs's, road-tested his line at the 2013 Met Gala. "Sofia is not someone who wears a ton of makeup," he says. "She wanted to feel glamorous, but she did it in a way that's true to her." Get her earthy eyes with Style Eye-Con No. 7 Shadow in Lolita ($59).


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His Furniture

Jacobs poured his fascination with his lacquered coffee table into his highly pigmented, glossy nail polishes. "Do you realize that the lacquer process is 30 coats of paint? You get this brilliance of shine that's so particular, but you also get this density of color." Shown: the shimmery fuchsia Enamored Hi Shine Nail Lacquer in Oui ($18).


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