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Weight loss tip 215: Don’t use shapewear every day

A flatter belly, shapelier curves, firmer butt, no matter which part of the body you wish to smooth over or control, shapewear lets you do just that! While there are excellent medical reasons to avoid wearing shapewear every day, you need to understand why you buy and use innerwear that makes you appear slimmer. Even if you are not wearing a full body suit and just wear shaping panties or bras, it is still a foundation garment worn to change the shape of the body. So don’t get caught up in the terms used to describe innerwear when you examine your motives for wearing it.

Most women wear something like a padded bra to enhance their appearance but some take to wearing undergarments to hide or cover up “flaws” to look a certain way. This may be ok once in a while but not every day. Apart from the physical discomfort and potential medical issues these clothes can cause, it has a negative impact on your weight loss goals.

Also, you feel that the “problem” is a specific part of the body. You tend to suck in your breath and think that you are only carrying excess weight in the middle. Or, you may think of your butt or thighs or arms as “problem areas”. But, as you know that it is not possible to target specific parts of your body as you try to lose weight, you opt for a quick fix in the form of shaping underwear. But, this is can be dangerous. For example,  if you have belly fat, then it could lead to many serious health conditions or may be a sign of certain diseases. Instead of exercising or investigating the cause of excess fat, your focus shifts to covering it up. Find out the reasons for fat around the abdomen.

Most women get lulled into a false sense of being physically toned when they look in the mirror. “It’s not too bad,” they say as they preen in a slim-waisted dress or straight trousers as the bulges are hidden. While it is important to have a positive body image, but if the fat is affecting your health and affecting your emotional wellbeing, then the right exercise and diet is the best way to get rid of it.

It may seem like a long and laborious process to choose the right form of exercise and to cook healthy, nutritious meals, but if you choose health over fashion, then here’s how you can kickstart a simple and fun daily fitness plan.

Weight loss tip 214

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