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11 months ago
We All Need To Follow Kalki Koechlin's Diet And Fitness Mantra!

  • Kalki Koechlin rings in her 33rd birthday today.
  • Kalki doesn't believe in dieting for weight loss.
  • The wholesome bento meal box has found favour with Kalki.
Kalki Koechlin is celebrating her 33rd birthday today. The actor has done films like Margarita with a Straw, Ribbon, A Death In the Gunj and Waiting, all of which have attained critical acclaim and have been praised for their refreshing content and the unconventional ideas presented in them. The French Bollywood diva, who is also an avid traveler and a youth icon, is incredibly fit. In 2016, Kalki made news for her epic bike journey across the North eastern states of India, which she undertook with her father.

If that's not incredibly cool in itself, Kalki was rang in her birthday early with a swanky bike, which she flaunted on her Instagram page. "Really couldn't have asked for a cooler new year/ birthday present. Can't wait to take this baby out and feel the wind in my hair", Kalki said of the bike. Like every other Bollywood celeb, Kalki has her own diet and fitness secrets too.


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In an interview, Kalki revealed that she doesn't believe in dieting for weight loss. "I'm lucky I have a good metabolism", Kalki said, adding, "If you're in a good happy space and you're working hard and you're not over eating, then you get to eat everything you can." She advocates eating 'sensibly' and sticking to an exercise routine. "Eat everything in moderation", was Kalki's final word. Well that's some sane advice that we all needed, isn't it? Who loves those crazy diets that make you feel miserable by making you starve, anyway!

As far as her own fitness regime is concerned, Kalki practices yoga. When asked about what's her preferred way to sweat it out, Kalki said, "Yoga is something I've been doing on and off, when I have time and when I'm not shooting." She also said that she swims. I'm not much of a gym person. I don't like to build muscle. So yoga and swimming is what I do." Well, looks like all that yoga has worked its magic on the diva. Just look at the crazy balance she has while she pulls off that headstand, making it look like a piece of cake!


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Kalki doesn't like to control what she eats, but we rarely see her sharing pictures of her food. It took a fair bit of Insta-stalking on our part to find out what the beauty likes to eat. It seems like the bento breakfast has found favour with our very own Kalki. Hailing from Japan, the bento is a wholesome meal. A bento box is a perfectly portioned, creative and fun way to pack in all the essential nutrients in one meal. 


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That's some amazing 'foodspiration' for the day, don't you think? As for you Kalki, stay awesome and a very Happy Birthday to you!

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