WH Tests The Best Self-Tanners

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1/6 Lisa Shin
BEST FOR: Dry Skin

PRODUCT NAME: Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream ($40 for 3.9 oz, clarinsusa.com)

WHAT IT'S GOT: Moisturizing cocoa butter and aloe vera to battle the dehydrating effects of DHA, the chemical responsible for giving you that bronze glow

TESTER SAYS: "The formula is creamy--but not greasy--so it glides onto the skin. Plus, the cream has a gorgeous caramel tint, so you could see exactly where it was going."


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2/6 Lisa Shin
BEST FOR: Your Face

PRODUCT NAME: Declor Aroma Sun SPF 10 Hydrating Tinted SelfTanning GelCream ($36 for 1.69 oz, sephora.com)

WHAT IT'S GOT: Sunscreen, to keep your bronzed face protected

TESTER SAYS: "There's no room for error on your face. This cream gave me perfect color: smooth, even, and naturallooking--that stayed for two days."


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3/6 Lisa Shin
BEST FOR: Fair Skin
PRODUCT NAME: Dove Energy Glow body lotion ($10 for 13.5 oz, drugstore.com)

WHAT IT'S GOT: A high dose of moisturizing glycerin and low levels of DHA for subtle results

TESTER SAYS: "The tan builds gradually--with each application--so it's easy to control how dark it gets. It also has a pretty scent."

4/6 Lisa Shin
BEST FOR: An Intense Tan
PRODUCT NAME: Jergens Natural Glow Express ($7.50 for 4 oz, drugstore.com)

WHAT IT'S GOT: Plenty of pigment, plus mango-seed butter and vitamin E to keep skin soft and make application easier

TESTER SAYS: "The day after I put it on, people were commenting on my tan. Best of all, the color wasn't orangey or fake-looking."

5/6 Lisa Shin
BEST FOR: Traveling
PRODUCT NAME: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze SelfTanning Towelettes for Body ($10 for 6 wipes, drugstore.com)

WHAT IT'S GOT: A quick-drying formula with skin-smoothing alpha-hydroxy acids (no streaks!)

TESTER SAYS: "These thin, travel-friendly packets can go anywhere for quick touch-ups. I even keep one in my gym bag."

6/6 Lisa Shin
BEST FOR: Faux-Tan Phobes
PRODUCT NAME: Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam ($10 for 4 oz, drugstore.com)

WHAT IT'S GOT: Citric acid (it helps the color bond to your skin) and a fresh citrus scent

TESTER SAYS: "Thanks to a light, foamy texture, this tanner absorbs in seconds--without a lot of rubbing--so you're not stuck with sticky excess lotion on your hands."

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