Valentine’s Day countdown- Propose Day: Millennials, stop making these mistakes while proposing to your girl

Happy propose day! Time has come to confess your love. Of course, you don’t need a particular day to propose the love of your life, but if you’re planning to propose him/her today, do not make these mistakes to make this proposal worth remembering for both of you. AND if you are a millennial, bookmark this RIGHT AWAY!

Ditch the technology: If you are a millennial you probably know how difficult it is for you to not touch that phone. But if you are planning to propose your love today, don’t do it via your phone. You don’t want to tell your kids that I proposed your mom on WhatsApp. There is nothing better than putting in a bit of effort and proposing in person.

Do not make it a heavy affair, if you are haven’t known her much: Don’t put her in a spot by doing something like a flash mob, etc. Put in all the effort in person but unless you are really close to her or know that she particularly likes these things, don’t do it.

Don’t take a NO to heart: If at all she/he says a NO to your proposal, it’s natural that you might want to know the reason. Just ask for it normally and let go.Most millennials have a tendency to not take no for an answer, but here we are talking about humans and emotions. Be prepared for anything.

Don’t wait for any day to propose him/her: It is better to confess your feelings as soon as you realise that you really want to go for it. No day and no event can help. Valentine’s Day and Propose Day will come and go, vent your feeling asap and don’t be afraid of the answer.

Do not involve too many people: I know you might feel like talking to your bestie and take suggestions on how to go about the whole situation, but you are the one who has to live with the answer, so ask yourself if you really want to go for it and don’t involve too many people.

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